Newer is better

So I guess this is my “Hello World” moment. After putting my site redesign down about a million times over the past year to do other side projects or simply get a good night’s sleep, it’s finally done.

I have a newborn blog! And in much the same manner that it hit me when my daughter arrived, it dawns on me that now I have a blog, I have a responsibility to keep it fed, watered and happy. And I’m determined to be good about that because there are few things on the Internet sadder than an abandoned blog. I can tell you one thing right off the bat, though: my content will be on the nerdy side, so unless you’re interested in web design and development, I would hold off on adding me to your reader.

So bear with me while I find my blogging voice. I think to start, I’m just going to write a few posts about redesigning this site …

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