I'm an enthusiastic and hardworking front-end developer with a wide skill set that ranges from web and UI design to HTML(5)/CSS(3), JavaScript/jQuery, Wordpress theme development, Flash/ActionScript, and even copywriting and editing.

After college, I worked briefly in publishing, mostly as a copy editor. This background in words has helped me immeasurably as a designer and coder. Whether I'm designing a landing page or carefully commenting up JavaScript before passing it along to a developer, my focus is always on the content and whether or not I'm presenting it clearly to the person who needs to use it.

Why “Personable”?

It's a word that has followed me from performance review to performance review ever since I joined the working world. I pride myself on being easy to work with, receptive to feedback, gracious about edits, and positive and reasonable when obstacles crop up. I also strive to make my designs personable — in other words, clear and engaging.

Do you take freelance work?

I'm not taking any new freelance work in 2012. However, I'm always happy to point people in the right direction re. finding good freelancers or resources in general — so don't hesitate to get in touch. If you have a large-ish project, please also consider reaching out to the awesome web development company I work for: 12 Spokes.

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  • Sometimes I Tweet. I have over 150 followers, who thrill at my every word.
  • I have been known to Dribbble.
  • Finally, I Skype.